Having understood your requirements and discussed the possibilities, it’s crucial to apply our creative flair and technical expertise in the most effective way.

    As the design develops we want to work with you and coordinate your review and input, along with that of any specialists, suppliers and contractors.

    We want to achieve a design that fulfils your desires but in the most cost effective, practical and up-to-date way.

    There may be a need to research in detail the latest materials or developments in such things as conservation, wildlife or flooding protection. Particularly with the changing climate providing challenges to be overcome.

    When it comes to the ‘build’ we are not limited to one set of contractors, we have relationships with many and of varied expertise.

    We absolutely ensure that all the work is clearly defined, understood, and buildable in the stated cost and time.

    We coordinate all the on and off site activities, ensuring that everyone is working together to an agreed plan, with no delay, or unnecessary impact on the client.

  • Project Types

    Types of project and materials we can specialise in:-

    • From courtyard to country estate
    • From contemporary to cottage garden
    • House extensions and garden buildings developed in harmony with the landscape
    • Roof gardens
    • Living walls
    • Sunken trampolines
    • Garden architecture
    • Outdoor fabrics
    • Metalwork, gates and railings
    • Difficult areas- Slopes, tree covered areas, Irrigation and drainage problems
    • Interlocking blocks, particularly for earth retaining walls
    • Bespoke water features – cascading waterfalls, ponds, fountains, swimming pools and hot tubs
    • Bespoke external lighting for atmosphere and security
    • Hard landscaping – driveways and patios, decking, paths, walls, fencing etc
    • Gardens – courtyards to country estates
    • Schools – attractive relaxing/learning gardens to creative play areas
    • Landscapes – Public parks, commercial premises planting
    • Housing developments